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What Is Tile Grout?

While re-doing a home, whether it’s the childhood home you grew up in or a fixer-upper you recently purchased, it's important that your knowledge is up to par and that you have a professional team by your side. And that's why our Kasey Harkin team is here to walk you through every small step of your tile installation process & answer questions like "what is tile grout?".

Have you ever noticed that most tile installations have a "paste-like" material in between each tile like this:

The material filling the space in between each tile is a cement-based material called tile grout. Not only does it help hold your tile into place, but it can also be a design add-on! You can select a contrasting tile grout color, for example, to add texture & dimension to your installation! It's a small detail that can make a huge difference. Here's a couple of examples of white subway tile with black grout:

If you're feeling extra creative, you can even play around with the direction of your tile (in addition to your contrasted tile grout) to create an extra layer of dimension & pattern to your installation. Here's a couple of our favorite examples:

Even though a contrasted tile grout can add texture to your space, it can also be styled in a way that adds elegance & minimalism instead. Using our same white subway tile example from before, if you pair it with white tile grout, you'll create a neutral palette that looks extremely chic & clean. This option is usually a favorite between homeowners looking to have creative freedom with their furniture choice. Here's a couple of examples:

Even though white grout can look absolutely clean & beautiful once your project is complete, we always like to tell our clients that they should keep their lifestyle & cleaning schedule in mind before making their final decision. White tile grout is much harder to maintain & clean when compared to darker tile grout.

There are many things to consider before selecting all the final materials for your tile project... but that's why we're here! Contact our team today & we're happy to answer any questions and offer free quotes for custom tile installation projects in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut & region!

If you're looking for tile mood-boards & design inspiration for your next tile project with us, check out our Pinterest for boards like entryway tile ideas, bathroom tile ideas, fireplace tile ideas, kitchen tile ideas, pattern tile ideas & more!

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