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The Psychology Of The Color Blue

The color blue follows us throughout our day. From the pale blue that sits in the sky to the various shades we use to accent our homes. It is easy to associate this color with the sea, harmony, a person’s eye color, but how do you feel about blue? Tranquil, bold, independent? In all its shades and glory, the color affects our actions, mood, and perception whether we recognize it or not.

In interior design, color conveys emotion and communicates with the observer like an unspoken conversation. When cultivated with the right eye, the color blue can help form the unique personality of a room. In fact, blue is known to be used in bedrooms for its ability to reduce stress and is instrumental in designing a relaxing space. The color is able to create a serene atmosphere and bring about a sense of calmness, which is connected to lowering heart rates and reducing stress.

In addition to the effects on our psychological responses, the color blue also lessens our appetite. Having a light blue tile wrapping around the walls of your kitchen will help you rationalize away the need for extra helpings of a meal, but beware of the foodies who have excellent taste buds and do not care for their meals to be infringed upon. So choose the room you would like it in wisely.

In spaces focusing on physical activity, the color captures the feeling of free-flowing movement not too dissimilar to a steady stream. If you want to focus on a specific state of mind, however, blue can also work in an office space. It assists in concentration and recollection. Loyalty, trust, and honesty permeate every shade of this color, creating a sense of safety and consistency. An ideal work environment that Kasey Harkin can help develop through the medium of tile. With so many of us working from home right now, our custom tile services are more vital than ever.

Blue is also commonly associated with the pursuit of inner peace. This cool-toned color cultivates a sense of connection and consideration toward others. It is the color of community and life, while also expressing a feeling of stability and peace. This is why it is associated as a leadership color from image and adjective association.

Your mood can change with the color of a space. Perhaps an unnoticeable amount, but enough for this color to be used as a space divider for open floor plans, separating one portion of the room from the other. But on a more personal level, blue can connect to your memories. With all its shades and wonder in our lives, blue has permeated important moments. Drawing on those memories with a specific shade of blue allows you to be cocooned in a room of positivity and happiness.

Colors are perceived differently by different people, but ultimately when crafting a personal living space your needs will be paramount in any design choices.

Thinking of this color in your home brings into question variables that should not be overlooked. It is time to look at the bigger picture of what blue can do for your home. What is the overarching theme of your space that you wish to convey? Would you like your shade of blue (light, dark, muted, or mixed) to promote a sense of royalty, of boldness, perhaps tranquility? When you walk into this space, what would you like to think of?

Utilizing this color, especially in the form of tile, comes with a set of responsibilities such as knowing your ideal layout, complementary colors to use, in-depth knowledge of color psychology, as well as considering factors that would be difficult to alter (toilets, bathtubs, and cabinets to name a few). The professional eye and perspective of Kasey Harkin will elevate your colors to the next level. Blue creates an experience unique to the room it is placed in and can cultivate specific reactions and responses. It is important to customize the blue for you.

Keep in mind the size of the space you are inhabiting. A darker shade will bring a room closer together and make your space feel smaller. This is beneficial if you are looking at a room and feeling lost in the openness of the space, while lighter shades create an illusion that a small room is larger. The blue that you use should be considered alongside other color combinations like the color of your floors, furniture, etc. The right shade and tone will bring harmony to the other carefully chosen colors.

Then there is natural light. Color changes depending on the natural light allowed into the room, which means that your shade of blue will not be the same in the morning as it is at noon or in the evening. In a heated and sunlit room, blue is able to act as a coolant, a natural money saver before you even think of turning on the air conditioner in the hotter months.

This color is more than just a reliable wall accent. It is cool and serene in appearance, versatile in any room, and connected to your emotions. From a kitchen backsplash to the tiled wall design in the bathroom, blue can cultivate an identity for the space it inhabits. When blue is your chosen color, you have something mighty powerful that compliments and flatters the space it is in. There is artistic value to the color which needs to be approached with a skilled set of eyes in order to bring out a polished appearance and draw out the color’s desired intent. In order to create a sense of balance and an aesthetically pleasing space for you, Professional Tile Installer, Kasey Harkin, is the best choice to do tile color renovations in your home. With her design experience and portfolio, her tile services will harness the energy that blue brings & turn your tile dreams into a reality!

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