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The Psychology Behind the Color Green

Green is the color of life. When we think of green we think of trees, vegetables, money, and some might even say Starbucks! Green plays a huge role in our everyday lives; it surrounds us and we sometimes hardly notice it. Though we’re entirely unaware of it, green gives us a sense of color; it reminds us of the natural world in which we live.

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However, green has a much deeper meaning to it than just our favorite coffee brand and the grass outside our door. The English word “green” is derived from the anglo-saxon word “grene” meaning “grow”. Therefore it’s no coincidence that the color green is associated with nature, life, change, and freshness.

The color green is often used when there is a need to evoke a sense of balance and order. It’s the perfect color to incorporate into an office space, a child’s bedroom or your kitchen tiles. It can calm your mind and ease your stress. This year, in particular, green kitchens are popular -- just ask Architectural Digest! The world-famous magazine has showcased countless homes this year with that gorgeous splash of green. It’s starting to feel like green may become a huge trend for 2021 since we’re all craving some freshness and change. Before you make a decision on whether or not your home needs a little “greenery” for your next tile installation project with Kasey Harkin, let’s first understand the color.

Color psychology is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. It’s an undeniable fact that color has the ability to affect our mood. It also has the ability to change the feeling in a room and make you feel positive or negative in your environment. While choosing the right colors in your home can create a magical space, choosing the wrong colors can do the exact opposite. Incorporating green into the right spaces of your home can be crucial. Different shades of green in different rooms of your home can change the entire feeling of the space.

Gentle, invigorating, and relaxing, green represents a connection to ourselves. It can allow us to focus and feel confident about the tasks of the day. It’s almost as if the color encourages a quest for knowledge making it perfect for a home office or library. Green can also spark creativity and imply safety. For this reason, many parents incorporate green into their nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Curiously enough, there is also speculation about whether or not the color green is linked to success… so why not paint every room in the house green? We must be careful though because too much green can actually make a person lazy and sleepy. Though green can be uplifting, there is a negative connotation with the color. Green can represent greed, money, and jealousy. Again, different shades of green can mean different things… so try a light and airy green in your bedroom rather than dark forest green, for example.

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Furthermore, green definitely has healing powers. When we think of spring, we think of all that beautiful greenery coming back to life. Green makes us feel like there may be a new beginning on the horizon, which is why it's such a great color to pick for your next bathroom tile installation project since that's usually the room we start & finish our day in (other than the bedroom). This goes back to the fact that green most definitely should be the poster child of 2021. If painting your walls green or adding a green tile backsplash scares you, then adding green plants in your home can have the same effect. If you’re not good at keeping plants alive, try some green accent pillows or curtains… something less permanent.

The color and design inside a home should reflect the people who live inside, and homeowners should use colors wisely to create the intended atmosphere in each space. With green being the color of life, is a sense of vitality, freshness, and relaxation the vibe you’re going for? Take a risk and change up your interior design for the new year. Consider a beautiful shade of green the next time you’re looking to revamp your home.

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